Dolls on a Mission - Christmas Gathering Event

Fri 12 – Sun 14 Nov 2021 CST

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Dolls on a Mission Fundraiser

This year we are showcasing the talented ladies of our Honduran Sewing Class. Our Honduran dolls are sewn by our class members. Each purchase will include a book like last year. Thank you for investing in their lives. Pray for all our sewing class ladies.

In 2021, sewing classes began in Honduras, Uganda and Burma (Myanmar). In 2022, Lord leading, classes will open in Dominican Republic, Rwanda and Paraguay.

Every penny spent in our booth will be placed directly into this exciting ministry. Because you gave last year, many have learned a valuable skill and most importantly many have come to know Jesus Christ. Ask us about it!!! God is good!!!

100% of profits will go into the North Monroe International Sewing Ministry! All purchases are 100% tax deductible.

We have many items available from various NMBC ministry locations around the world and ALL are handmade!

Bookings for this event have now closed.