Dolls on a Mission

Mon 23 Nov – Thu 31 Dec 2020 CST

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Dolls on a Mission Fundraiser

150 Handmade Dolls from Rwanda have made their way to North Monroe on a mission. Their mission is to connect their hearts and stories with yours. The dolls will be a reminder to pray for Women and Children around the world, this year, especially Rwanda.
Dolls will be given to you, as a gift, along with a book telling the story of Anne of Rwanda. A meaningful gift, for you or someone you love - maybe a daughter or granddaughter.

These dolls will be your gift for a suggested donation.
100% of your donation is tax deductible.
100% of your donation makes a difference in someone’s life, and, most importantly, will spread and share the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Your gift makes a difference. This is our fundraiser.

The International Women & Children’s Ministry, previously named “The Sewing Ministry,” will provide the hope of Jesus Christ.

Showing the love of Christ to those around the world living in crisis. Trafficking, Poverty & Abuse are all real struggles for women and children.

In 2020,North Monroe provided over 20 sewing machines in Uganda, equipping women with a skill to help provide for their families. These women are not only taught a skill, they are shown and taught about Jesus Christ, the one and only true hope.

Dolls will be available to pick up on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6th at our Monroe and Bastrop campuses.

Bookings for this event have now closed.